Friday, January 9, 2009

crappy New York

So glad you let us join in!
This is a subway car.

This is Times Square.

This is the talk show host Bill Maher on TV pointing to heaven.

The Empire State Building from our house.

Driving down the road somewhere...........

Photos by Robert Schmid who paints crappy pictures. See here.

Plenty more where these came from.


syel said...

the first pic shows good movement of the subway!

G. Crappy said...

What a wonderful addition to the Crappiest of Crappy Blogs in the blogosphere!!


Flying Solo said...

These are fantastic crappy pictures! I just love that 1st one.

Welcome Elizabeth and Robert :)

Maria said...

Welcome Elizabeth and Robert! :)
What a beautiful crappy stuff you've found in New York! Craptastic!

Maria said...

Robert, I just visited your homepage and I must say that your pictures definitely have a craptastic quality
:)))) Well done!

PJ said...

The first one is great, the rest are definitely craptastic (my son loves that word).

Kim and David said...

I just now discovered this blog! Great photographs here too! So talented. Kim

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

The first photo is impressive